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Dropshippers are the worst. I really hate them.

by Colum Byron May 09, 2021 2 min read

Dropshippers are the worst. I really hate them.

For those who don't know, dropshippers are the latest get rich quick scheme.

They put up an ad on facebook (or instagram/tiktoc/snapchat), and convince you to buy something. Then when you do, they'll order that item for you off usually aliexpress, for a fraction of the price you paid, and have them send it to you directly.

I follow a few of the groups on facebook, and they have all sorts of justifications for it. "We're no different than any shop that buys in China and resells stuff", "We create a passion for the product and make them excited about it". And many more justifications along those lines. 

In reality, they are turning themselves into a second or third middleman, and the customer is paying their fees and receiving nothing extra in return. 

This is the latest one I just saw on facebook. I jumped in to have a deep dive into the ad and what they are offering. They are claiming it's authentic damascus, made in Australia, using African hardwood, Japanese steel. And that's all complete rubbish. 

I did a 30 second hunt on aliexpress and found the same items:


You will note, however, in their description they say the blades are intimidation damascus. So they laser etch the pattern into the steel, the steel is crap and soft, and they are cheap. There is a market for these cheap knives for sure, but people shouldn't be deceived into thinking they are the real deal.


And for the exact same items, they almost triple the price. If they spam enough facebook ads, they can spend $50 per ad to make one sale, and they'll still come ahead with enough profit to make it well worthwhile.  

It's a scam. Not only does it deceive customers, It gives all knives (including mine) a bad name and lack of trust on facebook. Customers deserve better, and deserve quality for their money. I urge you to always read the full descriptions of products you're buying online, and if you have the time, investigate a little further to ensure you aren't being taken advantage of. 

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