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Wireless Phone Chargers - Cypress w/ Orange Epoxy

This one clearly isn't knives, but it's a product I'd been thinking about for a while now.

They'll be one offs, and probably won't be back, because I'd need to charge double what I am to make a profit. But they are still pretty cool!

They are a 15W capable charger (max charging rate for all but the pixel 6, but max charger for that phone needs a fan cooler, which is annoying), with three coils in the charger, so you don't need to be as precise when placing the charger.


The chargers are epoxied into the wood/colour mixture to make the stongest base, I've been using mine for over a year without a hiccup. 


This list has all the phones with wireless charging possible:

But please double check your phone has that capablities first!

Heat is also normal when using the charger, it's nothing to worry about.