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Premium Powdered Steel Utility Black Wattle w/ Blue Epoxy 127mm (5")

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Let me just start with saying my standard steel is awesome. Most home chef’s won’t notice the difference. However, the powdered steel in this knife is a cut above and just a pleasure to use. 

The cutting core is made from a powdered steel.

To give a brief run down on the powdered steel benefits, some harder metals won't mix at higher concentrations in an alloy. Like this:

So when making the powdered steel mix, they add higher amount of metals like validum, and then pour a thin flow of the molten mix through a blast of nitrogen gas, with atomises the steel into a powder.

This new mix of powdered alloy is then added to a crucible, heated to forging temperatures (but not melting temperatures) and press forged into a solid ingot ready to forge into blades.

This process means that the metals of the steel characteristics can be tweaked to give the ultimate in knife steels and hold an unbeatable edge.  

The rockwell rating is 63-64, which is just insane.  




R2 Powdered Steel core, clad with 67 layers of Damascus cladding

Blade Dimensions

Chef's - 210mm (8.5")

Handle Finish

2 pac clear coating - fully sealed handle while providing minimal maintenance 

Edge Bevel

15 degrees
Rockwell Rating 63-64
Care Instructions Hand wash in warm soapy water and dry after cleaning, do not use dishwasher